Monday, November 19, 2007

A Tenant's Story

I am a single woman living at a Salvation Army Residency in New York City. Two years ago I moved into the Parkside Residency because I started 2 businesses on a shoestring and needed to cut my expenses to the bone for a few years. Some serious circumstances beyond my control (lay off, major accident, death of both parents, 5 moves and the flagging economy) motivated me to develop my own business which could provide a more secure living for me. I was grateful to find a safe, affordable haven at the Residency to recover and work at created a new life for myself. I joined the lawsuit vs the Salvation Army initially because I was distressed at how the Salvation Army treated the older, vulnerable women at the Ten Eyck and Parkside Residencies who had full rent stabilization rights. I am now concerned about my own situation, having committed all my available resources to my businesses, struggling for survival part time work, facing a dearth of affordable housing in NYC, and knowing no potential landlord will look favorably at my situation. I was disappointed that the Salvation Army is using their charitable status to make a huge real estate profit at the expense of our homes.

--LJ, age 59.


Siladitya said...

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pixymagic said...

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